Most Desired Destinations for Digital Nomads in 2024

If you are here you must be wondering how your life like a Digital Nomad could be, what are the challenges and what are the benefits of it. Well, we go through most of that in some of our blogs about this lifestyle so go check those out too ;).

First things first, were should I go? In 2024, most of the covid restrictions will be gone and more countries will open their doors despite the wars. Some countries offer special visa for Digital Nomads and those who have that option are incredible destinations.


This is the list of the countries that currently offfer a Digital Nomad Visa

  1. 1. Antigua and Barbuda,2 years

  2. 2. Barbados, 12 months

  3. 3. Bermuda, 12 months

  4. 4. Cayman Islands, 2 years

  5. 5. Costa Ric, 2 years

  6. 6. Croatia, 12 months

  7. 7. Czech Republic, 12 months

  8. 8. UAE (Dubai) , 12 months

  9. 9. Estonia, 12 months

  10. 10. Georgia, 12 months

  11. 11. Germany, 3 years

  12. 12. Iceland, 6 months

  13. 13. Mauritius, 12 months

  14. 14. Mexico, 12 months, renewable to 3 years

  15. 15. Norway, 2 years

  16. 16. Portugal, 12 months, renewable to 5 years

  17. 17. Spain, 12 months, renewable

  18. 18. Anguilla, 12 months

  19. 19. Argentina, 12 Months

  20. 20. Montserrat, 12 months

  21. 21. Aruba, 12 Months

About 50% of the countries that offer digital nomad visas are in Europe. 6 of them are part of the Schengen program.

You can see that some of those countries are incredible beautiful! Also some are the cheapest countries in Europe!

Nomadic Matt

I recommend you to create a mental top 3 and then make a research of the number 1 to see if it matches your necessities. Nowadays there is high speed internet in most of Europe but it always worth double check the speed at your workplace either if its your home or your co-working space.

Now all left to do is look for a home to rent, get information about the visa if you are planning to stay more than 90 days and pack your stuff. Enjoy the adventure and don´t forget to visit the blog for more tips and go visit our forum!