Athens Cost of Living: Locals vs Digital Nomads Comparison

In Athens, Greece, both local residents and digital nomads or remote workers can enjoy a relatively affordable cost of living. However, there are some notable differences in pricing between the two groups.

For local residents, the cost of living is significantly lower, with a price index of 16.5 compared to the overall price index of 55.9. This indicates that locals have access to more affordable goods and services tailored to their needs and budgets.


Rent, which constitutes a significant portion of living expenses, is also considerably lower for locals compared to digital nomads or remote workers. For example, a one-bedroom apartment for locals costs $659, while nomads or remote workers would pay $1121 for the same accommodation.

Similarly, groceries and restaurant prices are more budget-friendly for locals, with lower price indices compared to nomad prices. This suggests that locals have access to cheaper food options, both for cooking at home and dining out.


However, despite the higher prices for digital nomads or remote workers, Athens still offers relatively affordable accommodations and living expenses compared to many other cities. This makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a blend of affordability and quality of life while working remotely.

The Cube Athens

The Cube Athens

Great location, excellent space and really friendly environment. The restaurant also is great in ground floor. Desks, chairs and screens provided. Great place for digital nomads. Highly recommended.